Errl Cup Events

Patient Appreication Cannabis Events

Next Event:  2nd Annual Errl Cup

When:  January 14th, 2017

Where:  2125 S Industrial Park Lane  Tempe Arizona



Errl Cup Events our free for MMJ Patients with a focus on a Patient Appreication and Dispensary Accountability.  We hold two cup events a year, Errl Cup in January and 710 Degree Cup in July.  

Secret Shop

Twice a year we Secret Shop Dispesnsaries for Flower and Edibles for Errl Cup in January and Concentrates for the 710 Degree Cup in July.  We labs test them and display all results and testing  



Our events are judged by Industry experts and Patient Judges.  If you are a register Arizona MMJ Patient with a valid State ID. Sign up to for your chance to win a spot as an Errl Cup Judge.  Good Luck!

Come Experience an Errl Cup Event

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Our Next Event

Enter to Judge Cup

Dispensary Enter to Win Cup

Patient Enter to Win Cup

2nd Annual Errl Cup

When:  1/14/17

Where: 2125 S Industrail Park Lane Tempe AZ

Tickets:  Free Admission

Event Information

Our 2nd Annual Errl Cup brings a more patient based experience.  We have arranged with Rosin Tech Products to let you Press Your own Meds, got a local Glass Blowing Artisit to show you glass blowing live, a grow room experience with some experts on hand to answer your questions, Cooking demostrations by some of the best local cannabis chefs, and all the entries samples, testing of the entries and our lab technicians on site to answer all your questions.   

Live Music, 40+ Vendors, Food Trucks, and the things you need to have a fun, educating and medicated time at the 2nd Annual Errl Cup, in Tempe Arizona.  

Come to see the Winners and Stay for the Experience. 

Errl Cup Events

  1. Free Admission Events
  2. Arizona Valid MMJ Patients with Valid State ID
  3. Out of State MMJ Cardholders with their states Medical Marijuana  Card and a valid  State ID (No Recreational State Card Only Medical)
  4. Register for our event by giving us your name email address and phone.  Our ticketing service is EventBrite
  5. Have ID, MMJ Card, EventBrite RSVP at day of Event for check in  
  6. Designate Drivers are welcome if accompanied by MMJ Patient and have are band,  IYMD Medicate Designate Lanyard and hand stamp.  No Medicating at Event for Designated Driver
  7. You are able to bring your legal amount of medication, medication from vendors will be available at the event


Errl Cup Events

Judges that our selected our expected to be able to judge Flower, Concentrate, Edibles, and Vape Pens.  If you are not affect by any of these type of medcine please notify us at time of registering. 

  • Register for a chance to win a judges spot by having a valid Arizona MMJ Card and State ID. 
  • Must personally test each entry that is give to you
  • No charge for Judges Kits – If sold or not completed by picked Judge, Patient will be removed as judge, take off future lists to judge and not admitted to any Errl Cup Event.
  • Increase your chance by completing our Newsletter Sign up, Follow Us on Social Media and Review us on Google + and Facebook. 


Our Second Cup Event

710 Degree Cup

When:  7/8/2017

Where:   TBA

Focused on secret shopping dispensaries for cocentrates in Maricopa County.  Our festival will have live music, vendors, free medication and all the things you expect from a Errl Cup Event

Secret Shopping

On of things that puts the Errl Cup apart from other events is its continued monitoring of the medication that Dispesnaries are giving to patients.  Twice a year we go across the state of Arizona and secret shop them for flower, edibles and concentrates.   To help insures clean, tested and accurate medicine for all patients.  


Secret Shopped:  Flower, Edibles


Secret Shopped:  Concentrates

Errl Cup Experience

at the 2nd Annual Errl Cup 1/14/17

Come to the Errl Cup Experience and be part of 

Grow Room Demostration by Hydroponics Depot

Experience what it takes to have an effective and productive grow room.

Cannabis Cooking Demostration by local Cannabis Chefs

A taste of what it takes to combine your medicine with your meals.  Demostrations from various Cannabis Chefs in the industry.  

Errl Cup

Past Winners & Testing Results

Here is the link to our winners for the Errl Cup 2016 and 710 Degree Cup 2016 and every 9 page testing results from each entry in each event.  Click on testing to see the complete list.